Malachi Moxon of ‘Northside Wheelers’

Malachi Moxon strikes me a guy who likes to get to the point. No bullshit.  His passion for cycling drives both personal and business life. Northside Wheelers is Malachi’s latest venture, a boutique in Prahran , Melbourne , selling fine cycling ware’s to those who don’t wanna look like a two wheeled rolling mid life crisis in undersized lycra. Malachi reckoned he was a bit of a  ‘luddite’ when his computer died and he returned my emailed questions hand written on scraps of paper.  I disagree. I don’t think he’s opposed to technological change,  more-so that he is, like a lot of us, not opposed to an analogue world.

Star sign? Aquarian. Otherwise known as? “Grumpy Mal”. Explain your occupation in one sentence? Purveyor of fine cycling wares. Country of origin? England. What’s going through your head at 6am most mornings? In winter, nothing! I am asleep. Coffee or tea? Coffee, always strong and in a cup. How long have you been riding a bicycle? 44 years. Can one judge a person by their shoes? yes. Ultimate destination for free wheeling? Ride up Mount Buffalo and free wheel down. Your most prized possessions? Mates and my dog. Favourite pizza? Osso bucco from Pizza Farro, Thornbury. Who are your celebrity parents? (ie you could be the lovechild of) Michael Cain and Mrs. Slocombe (are you being served). Lover or a fighter? Both. Kilometres ridden per week? 400-520. If style could be purchased would you sell it? No. Too much responsibility. Ocean or mountains? A bit of both. Artist and song that makes you smile? Elvis presley, Burning Love. Favourite piece of clothing? Elwood Jeans. What motivates you to get out of bed every morning? My Staffie ‘Sparky’, who needs a pee and a walk. Vegemite or Promite? Vegemite. Can one person change the world? No. Most convenient item of fruit and why? Banana. Easy to eat on the bike. Favourite city in the world? Melbourne!

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