Lockie Jeffrey of Cross Fit St Kilda

There are a few things I know very little about. Burpees, squat thrusts, rope climbing and dragging tractor tyres. I also know little about Kettle bells, BMI and on the side, the contextual political history of Syria. Luckily I am gifted with a natural eight pack and world news search engines are readily available on smart phones.

What I do know, however, is how to spot someone with conviction and passion. Over the last 15 years or so, I have known little yet enough about a pretty dam committed bloke known as Lockie Jeffrey to place him as one of those intensely driven fella’s.  I’m still unsure of his comprehension of the Syrian reference.

I have known Lockie as:  that tattooed rocker at Vans,  a triathlete, an actor, full time smart aleck and an infectiously positive and energetic dude that you ‘bump into everywhere’.

His more recent past has involved something that requires battery like energy and conviction. Something Lock has in spades. And if you are that way inclined (I’m using the excuse of a bad back at the moment) you can get amongst it with Lockie and train yourself into a veritable health machine. In between squats I asked Lock a few questions about health and fitness, Stuff that’s important for guys of all ages to know.  Some of his tips could be a good catalyst for a physical and mental spring clean out.  You might even learn what proprioception means.

Job title:

Athlete. Cross-Fit St Kilda Gym owner. Community Member. Introvert/Extrovert. Professional Short Attention Spann’er..

Describe your daily routine:

Wake at 4.45-5am, drink a glass of water, shower, head to gym.  Eat a banana, drink some coffee, coach, eat breakfast, coach some more , walk the dog, do some admin, eat lunch, chores, head back to gym and train if possible. Coach, cook dinner, bed by 9.30pm.

Current state of health:

Unfortunately I’ve been wrestling some serious sciatica for the past 6months so my training has been radically reduced. For a few months even simple stretching was out.  Thankfully I’m on the mend and I’m now able to do a lot of strict pressing, pulling, body weight squatting, and some other strength work on my shoulders and midline that will really help when I return to full training.

It’s been a massive challenge, but I’ve tried to stay positive and push through as best I can. Being someone who is so actively involved with people and who loves to be active, it’s been a really interesting internal journey  that’s pretty rewarding and I’ve learnt a lot about how I engage and treat others. Its also taught me how I need to lead others and what my responsibility is as a community member, gym owner, fitness mentor and friend.  Adveristy+tenacity+integrity.

Name 5 things most people eat but really shouldn’t:

– Coca Cola
– Energy Drinks
– Lollies, (I hate to say this next one, I really do.)
– Donuts
– Cheap White Bread.

They all have zero nutritional value and empty your wallet.

Your most treasured competitive achievement:

You’d think I would revel in finishing Triathlons or competing in Cross-Fit comps but I am my own worst enemy and just hold myself to too high an expectation. I always think I could have pushed harder. It’s a sad indictment I know but it’s just how I am.

What I do absolutely LOVE is supporting and coaching my buddies at events. I get hyper emotional. I genuinely just want them to dig a bit deeper, push a little harder and do the best they can. I try and imagine what I would want to hear if it was me that was competing or what I would be thinking in the same situation. It’s racing vicariously through your friends

For me I just love the build up to competing and competition day. My mind goes into super hyper drive and I’m just totally focussed on how the race or competition will play out. If it’s a triathlon I will visualise racing the course a thousand times in my mind before race day, I’ll run through transitions over and over making sure I don’t waste time. I’ll think about the swim entry and exit. Its awesome I love it.

With the few Cross-Fit comps’ that I have competed in it’s the same but from a different perspective. I like to visualise my body moving gracefully and efficiently. I’m a big fan of utilising proprioception (understanding where ones body is in space and the strength needed to move that body part) and I genuinely believe that this helps athletes move and perform to a higher level.

Is it ok to eat sugar?

What’s the motivation to eat sugar? If you want to look healthy, be full of energy, happy and outgoing then NO. There is no point eating sugar.

Personal goals for the rest of 2014:

We have just signed the lease on a new location for Cross-Fit  St Kilda so the next 2 months are going to be madness as we set up an amazing new space for our members.

I pride myself on being a strong community member and I want take on an even greater role via our new space. I want to provide an inspiring, creative, supportive space for people to better understand, develop and nurture their own fitness.

The biggest loser. Discuss:

Anything that raises awareness of an unhealthy lifestyle is a good thing. But reality TV sadly does not do that. If it did we wouldn’t see the continual rise in obesity levels and the junk food culture.

Are reality TV shows offering genuine, tangible means for people who are struggling with diet and weight to combat these issues? No.  Being paid to go into a six week solitary confinement fitness camp with unrealistic dietary restrictions simply isn’t feasible for most people facing these issues.

Lets look at it this way. If you were facing a serious life threatening health issue, and had been for many years, had tried everything within your means, felt trapped and isolated, and you saw a TV show that claimed if you didn’t do exactly what they said that you would die, how would you feel? Don’t bullshit me and say it would inspire you. If I was facing that dilemma and heard someone screaming that at me it would work in the negative.

North or south of the Yarra?

Gimme South Side or Gimme Death.

I got to be by the beach in one way or another.  I’m a pretty big introvert so sitting in the yard or getting out for random walks looking at houses, architecture and just wandering is pretty important to me. Being able to see the water is such a calming tonic.

Your ultimate rock and roll duet?

Its not a duet. It’s all about ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT.

Best piece of advice you’ve been given and from who?

1988 – Sandringham. I was a cocky little shit doing a fair bit of TV work and it was obviously going to my head.  A good mate pulled me aside and told me. For a couple of stoner skateboarders that was fairly outside of the norm. But it really stuck with me. Since then I have always made a genuine effort to engage with people. I never accept what I call ‘other people’s poison’. Regardless of their situation or attitude to me, I always try and make the effort to be friends with people.

2 wheels or 4 ?

My fist set of 4 wheels was my Mums G&S skateboard when I was about 4. Nowadays it’s a collection of Pin Boards that will soon adorn the walls of the new gym.

I also have lots of 2 wheelers these days. Race bikes, a Roadie, a steel Raleigh single speed, plus a ‘91 Repco Olympic 10 which is mint! Stupidly I still drive the big 4 wheeler way too often. It breaks my fuk’n heart.

What percentage of people in sports attire are actually doing sports these days?

It’s the exact same percentage as cars with courier stickers that are actually couriers.

Lance Armstrong. Discuss.

Doper/Legend. The whole Lance thing is hypocritical. Everyone seems to have been on the juice back then so who cares. Yes Lance was a total shit to some people but there are bigger, more genuine assholes with far more power we should be worrying about.

5 easy clean eating tips for blokes:

  1. When cooking meat/salad/veg for dinner (cos that’s what you should be eating), cook enough for the following days breakfast and lunch
  2. Drink a glass of water immediately upon waking.
  3. Drink lots of water during the day.
  4. Don’t think that eating shit food, and drinking booze all weekend won’t catch up with you. It fucking will!
  5. Delete the mentality of cereal for breaky and bready lunches. Kill the sugar.

Who do you miss?

My Dad. He passed away in 2009 and I think about him and speak to him everyday. He was a smart fucker and had all the right advice. He packed more into his 65 years than you could imagine and never once pissed and moaned about anything.

From a health and fitness perspective, what’s your end game?

I often ask my athletes what motivates them. I’m really interested in exploring and discussing intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation. With health and fitness, you have to be really genuine about why you are doing what you are doing or it becomes very hard to maintain motivation.

My end goal is to enjoy the experience of moving my body, feeling my breathing, thinking about and feeling how my body moves in space, how I can manipulate and improve that, and ultimately using my body for something physical.

That feeling of using my body is what got me into and keeps me in health and fitness. I was never into team sports.

My physical passion started with doing yoga on my own and then snowballed from there. I did what I did because I enjoyed it and it made me and my body feel good. My end goal is to always remind myself of that and keep enjoying it. I want to feel exactly the same at 80 as I do now.

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