Johnny McKay of ‘Children Collide’

I used to spot Johnny outside the infamous ‘revolver’ rehearsal studios on a regular basis. I soon noticed a pattern. It seems the frontman of the band Children Collide almost always has a  pie in his hand. Now,  I’ve seen Johnny live and let me tell you, he tears a set of six strings apart on stage but nothing like the way he tears apart a hot pastry off stage. Apparently the fancy pants has just spent some time in Europe recording the upcoming ‘Children Collide’ album due for release in August. So hide your pies and put aside some coin to see Johnny and Children Collide very soon.

Do you have a nickname? Yes, Bambi. Best thing about being the lead singer of Children Collide? Not being the lead harmonica player of Children Collide. If you could exist as an animal for one day only, which would it be and why? A fire-breathing unicorn with wings. Beatles or Rolling Stones? Mind. Blown. Sweet or savoury? Swavering. How many times have you had your hair cut in the last year? Either once or not at all. I can’t remember what happened yesterday. Favourite book of all time? Pickle, Pickle, Pickle Juice. What is your pizza of choice? Something with pineapple and chilli on it. Does what happens on tour always stay on tour? The smells of tour follow you home until you do your washing. Has ‘itunes’ changed the music industry for better or worse? There is no better or worse, there is only i. Do you have a favourite guitar at the moment? I just bought a Red 1965 Gibson Firebird III non-reverse. I tried sleeping with it but I got a bit tangled up. If you could swap jobs with someone , who would it be? Whoever pulls the strings. Coffee or tea? Coffee, although never after the sun’s gone down. Your house is on fire, what are you running back in to save. The clothes I forgot to put on when I panicked and ran out of the house. Mountains or Ocean? Preferably both at once. What is inspiring you at the moment? This questionnaire. Vegemite or Promite? They both have their place, I guess that place is on toast. Do you have a secret skill? Yes. What artist and song make you smile if you are shitty? Rock Lobster. Always with the Rock Lobster. I don’t know why. Summer or winter? SUMMER! Although I do love a good coat.What was the last movie you saw and with whom? It was Predators with my now ex-girlfriend. I think it may have given her ideas. Will the weather be good tomorrow? Looks doubtful. The best city in the world is? Today I’m feeling Tokyo. Tomorrow it might be Darwin, but it will probably still be Tokyo.

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