Greg Hatton

Words and photography: Cory White

Farm bikes, power tools, timber, axes, a Land Rover Defender, fresh air, a huge beautiful factory on a rural property, vintage bicycles, working with your hands on a daily basis, creating things of beauty from earthly materials. Dam you Greg Hatton, you’re living my dream! Not to mention he looks like bloody Kevin Bacon!

When I thought about shooting Greg a while back, the story was simple. Relaxed kinda guy that makes amazing furniture and a true artisan of timber and stone. Man stuff. What I soon realised however, was that this story was leaning towards the renovation of what Greg calls “Butter-Land”. So, two stories became one.

I will revisit this property as time goes on and I am sure it will be come an integral part of the Newstead community and also a great destination to view Greg’s work. Keep an eye out for his sidekick, “Skinny”. This place isn’t a one man show by any means. She’ll be the one eating a chip sandwich.

Nicknames? “Twiggy”.  First concert you ever attended? Hoodoo Gurus, Some dude pulled a knife on me and tried to steal my wallet out the front of festering hall. I used my secret weapon against him. Saw them again a few years ago at the prince and noted that the crowd was all balding, fattish and tired looking, have dissociated myself from them since. Haven’t listened since mars needs guitars. Coffee or Tea? Both but not at the same time. Have you ever crashed a car? Tipped a land rover on its side and also backwards onto the back door, both at about 5 km/ph so no real damage done. Just pusher her back onto her wheels and away we go. Why do burger rings taste nothing like a burger? Dunno don’t eat shit. Favourite timber to work with? Sugar gum. The first thing you do when you wake up? Morning job then shower to wake up. Was Kevin Rudd a better PM than Julia? Equally bad. Think they have the same advisors and speech writers as she is beginning to sound as dull as Kev. If she starts saying therefore every two seconds that will prove my theory. Favourite city in the world? Melbourne. Rolling Stones or The Beatles? Mum and dad had good collection of Beatles but I prefer The Stones. First piece of furniture you ever mad and for whom? Chair from a fallen tree in the backyard for me mum, age 14. Who makes you smile and why? Charlie my neighbour across the road. He’s a champ and has a good turn of country phrase. If you were the lovechild of two celebrities who would they be? Kevin Bacon and Jerry hall. Can manhood be measured by the roughness of ones hands? Hopefully, I can exfoliate and massage at the same time. Defining moment in your career? Getting a large stone wall job down the Mornington  Peninsula and making the gang I was working for work for me. Did you know the word “Internet “ required a capital “I” ? Do now. Does working with your hands make you content? Very. Start with a pile of stuff and turn it into something. Very rewarding. Explain what you are currently doing with your recently acquired butter factory. I’m trying to create a versatile space that allows for creativity and energy to flow through the building and those that use the space: firm grip on penis. Best local place to swim on a hot day? Under the bridge at Newstead, I did however pick up a nice dose of Ross River fever there. Can one judge a person by their shoes? Yep, I once advised a girlfriend to ditch her bloke because of his shoes. Married 2 months later actually. Nice bloke but still has bad shoes.  Bad shoes are unacceptable. Mountains or Ocean? One next to the other would be nice, I’m thinking south east coast NSW or Mallacoota. What reminds you of your parents? Native orchids and birds. Creation you are most proud of? St. Kilda garden for Craig and Leigh. Great clients to work for and great taste. Made a shit, dog excavated garden into a nice place to hang out.

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