Darren Henderson

Most weekends at about 0730 hours, I will receive a call from Darren Henderson. The voice at the other end of the line will usually dictate my morning. “Where are we surfing Daz?”, I will ask.  The answer will almost always be “out the front of  Hendonesia has a pretty good bank and there’s no-one on it Corks “. By the time I arrive at Darren’s he is usually in his wetsuit and champing at the bit. And after we surf his beloved Hendonesia all morning I am almost always rewarded with a stove top espresso and one of Daz’s famous egg and bacon sandwiches. We will then talk an abundance of crap, be it about art, surfing, or the growth of his gum trees, maybe even throw a bocce ball around in the sun. Darren is a good man. A talented artist, lover of fine scotch, and a prolific roaster on the ‘Webber’.  He recently released nearly 300 of his feathered friends on Gorker Gallery and after a sell out show I figured it was high time Mr Blanc spent a typical Saturday at Hendonesia, the birthplace of the now infamous Henderson Owls. This is where he creates. And it truly is a beautiful thing. See The amazing work of Henderson here.

Given nicknames? Daz, Hendo, Spendo, Dendo Bold, Man Mountain.  Have you ever googled yourself, if so what do you find? I have. I’m a Scottish footballer. Favourite medium to work in? Spray enamel, shellac and acrylics. And any pen or marker. Lets get this one out of the way, Beatles or Rolling Stones? Stones by far.  Most ridiculous design job you ever had? There has been a few. Ridiculuous (as in bad)…retouching Ian Thorpes penis was a funny one. I had to make it look smaller in his trunks. Ridiculuous (as in good)…doing the illustrations for a Moonlight Cinema Campaign with Studio Pip & Co. You’re cooking on a first date, whats your culinary specialty? Hahha…Mr Blanc!…It’s Garlic Prawns. Who was your last hug from? My niece Lola. Bribery! Where did you spend your summer holidays as a child? Rainbow Bay/Snapper Queensland.  Is the owl your only muse? Owls are a good Muse, close to my heart…but not the only one. New ones are on the way. Worst Vice? Season 1 episode 5 when Crocket and Tubs pose as drug dealers and hire a plane to Columbia…oh…umm… smoking.  Ultimate piece of art to acquire? 8 x 6 foot José Parlá canvas. One day Mr Blanc…one day. Any memorable haircuts we should know about? Of course. When I worked at Coles I had a killer mullet that went well with a striped shirt and a thin black leather tie. Wish I kept the tie.  How many surfboards do you own, and which one is your current favourite ? I own 9. My current favourite would be the 6″4′ JS…my overall favourite would be the 6″2′ South Coast Fish with glassed in red fins. Can artists ever “switch off”? No. Song that reminds you of your mother? George Benson – On Broadway. Mum…i still have the vinyl at my house. ‘Dendo Bold’ : please explain? I worked for an ad agency from 1998-2000. One of their clients was Coles. The campaigns used a a lot of hand writing which was my own.  I used to call it Dendo Bold. I had to write every part of the campaign, print and TV. It was everywhere when you walked into Coles. My favourite was Banana’s 99c. Favourite surf break in the world? Lances Left (OS) / Magiclands (MELB) How does your process of creation differ from others? I get to paint in Hendonesia. Have you ever inhaled? Yes. Of course. At 8 am on a sunday morning where would i normally find you? Reporting on the surf (coincidentally to MrBlanc) at Hendonesia or at Batch getting a coffee. Three words the best describe your personality? Passionate, creative, grappy. (Balance of grumpy and happy). Hard or soft towels? Soft…but it has to be a good towel.

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